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Follow the instructions listed below:


First Time Making an Online Payment to OPA?

  1. Click on the “Submit Payment” button below
  2. Fill in the amount of your payment and the statement number (this will help us correctly credit your account)
    Click for example…
  3. If you want to make a series of recurring payments:
    1. Enter a one-time payment (step 2)
    2. Fill in the amount of each subsequent payment
    3. Click on the “Frequency” button and select how often to make the payments
    4. Enter the number of additional payments

    Click for example…

  4. Enter the billing address for your credit card and your phone number Click for example…
  5. Enter your email address (this will be your account ID) and an 8-character password.Enter the password a second time to confirm. Click for example…
  6. Click the “Save Customer Profile” box (this saves your account information)
  7. Enter your credit card information
    Click for example…
  8. Click the box to agree to OPA’s terms and conditions
  9. Click the “I am not a robot” box
    (this protects our payment from unauthorized access)
  10. Click “Submit Payment”
    Your account information will be saved for future use.

Online Payment Account With OPA Already Set Up?

  1. Enter your email address (account ID) and password (this will retrieve your account information)
  2. Confirm your information is still correct
  3. Enter the amount of your payment (and if this is part of a series of recurring payments)
  4. Complete steps 8-10 above to submit your payment

Or you can finance your orthotic or prosthetic device with CareCredit. Click here to learn more